Custom Food packaging solution

ElitePak is the go-to food packaging supplier in Australia. Our packaging is designed to keep food fresh, deliver essential information perfectly, and tell customers your brand story. As experts in custom packaging for a wide range of food products, we are ready to help your business thrive with packaging that truly represents your brand.

Role of Custom Packaging in enhancing food presentation and branding

Custom food packaging is crucial in enhancing food presentation and branding. ElitePak is a one-stop shop for unique food boxes that keep your culinary delights fresh and preserved and leave a memorable impression on your customers. We understand the power of eye-catching packaging in front of foodies; therefore, we offer you the opportunity to create personalised food boxes that represent your brand identity and make your products stand out on the shelf.

You can emotionally connect with your customers by incorporating your logo, colours, and messaging onto the packaging. So, custom food packaging is not just a container to pack foods but a powerful tool for enhancing food presentation and branding.

A Delightful Experience with ElitePak 

Custom food packaging boxes are a key to capturing customers’ attention. They make the tastiest treats look even more tempting on the shelves of your favourite stores. The world of food packaging has revolutionised immensely over time, from standard boxes to beautifully custom-designed packaging boxes that hold the preservation and aroma of food. ElitePak understands clients’ psyches and gives you a solution that makes your customers happy with a long-lasting impression. Choose us now and elevate your brand to the next level. 

Safe Material for Ultimate protection

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We understand how important food packaging is to keep products’ integrity, taste, and aroma. We give special attention to material for your custom food packaging solution in Australia, which is why our food packaging is 100% safe. We strive to ensure your customers can enjoy your food with aroma and nutrition.

We use high-quality materials to ensure your food packaging boxes are secure and offer various customisation options such as labeling, printing, shapes, graphics, and typography that will catch customer’s attention on store shelves.

Here are the main features of our customised food packaging boxes:

Sturdy Material

Our custom food packaging is made up of sturdy and robust material that is durable and eco-friendly. We use high-quality materials to protect your food products during shipping and on the store shelves. These sturdy materials come in different types, such as Corrugated Fiberboard, Cardboard, and Rigid.


We use many additional embellishments to protect your food products from environmental factors. We use coatings, laminations, finishes, metalised foiling, varnish, etc. The logo printing and spot UV coating help to protect the boxes and prevent colour fading. You can choose any finishing option that represents your brand in a great way.

Custom Dividers for Product Safety

Our custom-made insert boxes give your packaging a professional look and provide excellent protection from your products. These custom-made insert boxes are perfect for small-sized, delicate food items. This feature enhances the unboxing experience and urges them to buy again from your brand.

Get Custom Food Packaging at wholesale rates.

Our custom food packaging supplies are recognised all across the globe for their top-notch quality. We are offering a wide range of customised options to meet your specific packaging needs. You have full control to craft your customised food packaging boxes that represent your brand and make them unmatched by others. Our packaging box costs vary depending on various factors such as material, size, design, and quantity; the best part is that you can get custom food packaging boxes at wholesale rates, which saves you money. With our customisation options, you can provide your customers with a wholesome experience that boosts your business to new heights.

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