Snack Boxes

Customers are drawn to snacks when they look presentable. So, why not work on your boxes to surprise your customers?  Invest in packaging that improves your brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression. Our customized snack boxes are a game-changer for your brand. Creating a powerful impression is the best way to showcase your snack and grab instant attention.  ElitePak offers various fast-food packaging solutions at reasonable prices. You can get amazing boxes according to your choice of material, colour, printing, and finishing. We understand the importance of packaging that is functional and attractive at the same time. That’s why our experts use high-quality printing techniques to produce top-notch snack box. 

Extend The Life Of Muchies With Our Snack Boxes

The snack box is a handy munchie container and usually comes with various options. Always choose a material that is both aesthetic and affordable. Our eco-friendly boxes are best for your daily munchie. Paper-based boxes are made from cardboard and are the best solution for environmentally-conscious brands. Their eco-friendly nature makes them an attractive choice for everyone. The best part is that your fast food will remain fresh and germs-free during transit. We offer different styles, materials, and designs that elevate your presentation. 

Make Your Boxes StandOut With These Printing:

ElitePak gives you a freehand, so you can instruct us to add additional information. Our experts work dedicately according to your requirements. We use high-printing methods for your snack boxes, such as:
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography

Our Box Design:

We are a top-notch company in Australia because of various box design options. Shape, size, and type of food don’t matter, as we provide the best design according to your edibles. The most common designs for your munchies are: 
  • Food tray
  • Pizza slices box
  • Fish n Chips box
  • Burgers boxes
  • Fries containers
  • Pie boxes
  • Noodle boxes

Material That Used For Snacks

When it comes to munchies, customers always strive for quality and freshness. That’s why we believe in standard quality boxes to satisfy our customers. Common materials that we used for snacks are: Kraft: We offer kraft material as it is light in weight, and its strength depends on wood fibre. We use high-quality kraft material, the best choice for all types of snacks. Cardstock: This material is best known for its strength and is the best choice for burger and fries boxes. We offer wax-coated material so your food boxes are resistant to moisture, heat, and other factors. Cardstock is a popular choice for fast food items.  Corrugated Material: Our three-layer fluted material definitely gives your food extra safety or protection. If you deliver orders in bulk, then corrugated is the best material.  Bio-Plastic: It is our most innovative material for long-lasting food boxes. Some plastic degrades when exposed to the sun for longer, but you don’t need to worry about its impact as our bioplastic material is popular.

Additional Material Choice:

Snack Boxes Australia offer various options for your delightful treats. Some additional materials are:
  • Bamboo material
  • Wood material
  • Polystyrene
  • Polypropylene
  • Bio resins

VBB300 C/L Brown Board Burger Box – 105x105x80mm – 300/ctn 89300 Eco-Friendly
DPESBR Brown Snack Box – Regular – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
LSBBP Brown Snack Box – Large – 200/ctn – Pinnacle Eco-Friendly
HLFSLB Half Slab Box – 19x19x4.5″ – 25/pkt Eco-Friendly
CHIPCV Visy – Chip Cup – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPESSB Detpak Good Food Snack Box – Extra Small – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
SNACKL Large Snack Box – Visy – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
BBPIN Burger Box – Brown – 250/ctn – Pinnacle Eco-Friendly
HC8 8oz Chip Cup – 1000/ctn Eco-Friendly
VBRBOXW Burger Box White – visy 250/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPPBC Detpak Plain Burger Clam – D2880 – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPSSB Detpak – Good Food Snack Box – Small – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
SNACKR Regular Snack Box – Visy – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
CHIBOX Small Chip Box – 500/ctn – Detpak Eco-Friendly
DPMSB Detpak Good Food Snack Box – Medium – D3504 – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPLSB Detpak Good Food Snack Box – Large – D3505 – 400/ctn Eco-Friendly
DINBBR Dinner Box – Brown – 150/ctn Eco-Friendly
DINBOX Dinner Box Kraft 178x160x80 / 150/ctn Biopak Eco-Friendly
DPESBL Brown Snack Box – Large – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
GWCB2 BIO 3 Compartment Box 9x9x3 – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
SNACKRW Regular Snack Box White – visy – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
LSNACKW White Snack Box – Large – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
EPKCB3 Pinnacle Kraft Carry Box #3- 100/ctn Eco-Friendly
SNABOXL Snack Box Large Kraft 204x109x84 Biopak Eco-Friendly
DPCPL Detpac Large Carry Pack White -200/Ctn Eco-Friendly
DPPP1B D/P #1 Pail-Pak – Brown – 450/ctn Eco-Friendly
SBFK Family Snack Box – Brown – 100/ctn Eco-Friendly
04S16CPK 16oz (450ml) Souper Cup – Kraft – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
VBRBOX Burger Box – Visy – 250/ctn Eco-Friendly
BBBXL Burger Brown Box – Extra Large – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPEHDB Hot Dog Box – Brown – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
DPECC Brown Chip Cup – 500/ctn Eco-Friendly
SNACKF Family Snack Box – Visy – 100/ctn Eco-Friendly
DP6WB Detpak 6 Cupcake Window Box – 100/ctn Eco-Friendly
BIOSC7 Bioware – 7″ Snack Clam – 50 x 12/ctn Eco-Friendly
HBWM Hot Box with Window – Medium – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly
PINBSC Pine Boat Small – 2000/pkt Eco-Friendly
DPGGCLB 500 Grab N Go Chip Lge Box KO28POO19 Detpak Eco-Friendly
RPPIEB Pie Box with Lid – 25x17x4″- 25/pkt Eco-Friendly
SP05JF SP05 Large Dinner Pack – 3 Compartment – 200/ctn Eco-Friendly


CASPCW Cast Away Snack Pack Clam – White – 250/ctn
TP7 Tacca –  TP7 Super Clam Pack – 200/ctn
SCP2 PL2 Sushi Clam Pack – 600/ctn